ISTA Workshop on Advanced Seed Vigour Testing


International Seed Testing Association, The ISTA Vigour Committee and Indo American Hybrid Seeds, Bengaluru, India invites you to an Advanced Workshop on Seed Vigour Testing from 20th Nov 2017 to 23rd Nov 2017. The workshop will be focused on two of the ISTA validated tests, the Radicle Emergence test and the Conductivity test. The workshop will be made up of practical experience of the two tests, lectures and interactive seminars. It will also offer an opportunity for general discussion on seed vigour and time for participants to ask specific questions regarding vigour testing procedures.

As this is an advanced workshop, some knowledge of the concept of vigour will be assumed and participants should have experience in vigour testing.

Workshop content

      General introduction to seed vigour and its importance, Physiological basis of the Radicle Emergence and Conductivity tests, Radicle Emergence test: development and validation, Application of the Radicle Emergence test to field and vegetable crops, Conductivity test for Pisum sativumPhaseolus vulgarisGlycine maxCicer arietinum, Raphanus sativus. Interpretation of data from vigour tests, The seed ageing/repair hypothesis as an explanation for vigour and its assessment, Avoiding the production of low vigour seed, Future developments in vigour testing and link to assessment of normal germination,  General discussion: seed vigour in a practical context.

Practical work

       Participants will complete and assess the radicle emergence test for maize, rice, radish and sweet pepper or tomato and the conductivity test for Phaseolus vulgarisCicer arietinum and Raphanus sativus, Participants will also assess the results of the radicle emergence test for onion, cauliflower and sweet pepper or tomato.



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