China sets new hybrid rice yield record

China sets

Researchers harvest super hybrid rice at a demonstration base of the Hebei Silicon Valley Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Yongnian district, Handan city, North China’s Hebei Province. China has set a new world record for super hybrid rice yields at 18 tons per hectare at a test land in Handan, North China’s Hebei Province. The rice was planted in 6.8 hectares of a demonstration base at the Hebei Silicon Valley Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the only private academy of agricultural sciences in the province. Researchers harvested 18 tons per hectare of the Xiangliangyou 900 super hybrid rice. The amount was verified by five third-party experts from Wuhan-based Huazhong Agricultural University and Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences. The Xiangliangyou 900 super hybrid rice was developed by China’s “father of hybrid rice,” Yuan Longping, and his team. Three smaller fields with a total area of 0.23 hectares were chosen randomly and examined for yield, Xinhua reported. The yield per hectare of the Xiangliangyou 900 super hybrid rice in 2017 was 17.25 tons. “Thirty percent more than the yield of previous varieties of super hybrid rice, the record shows that the revolutionary third-generation technology is mature enough to be adopted in fields across China,” Li Xinqi, a research fellow at the Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center, a division of the China National Hybrid Rice R&D Center. “The rice could meet China’s demand for food, offering powerful support to the country’s grain security,” Li said. Government policy support is indispensable in promoting the rice, Li noted.

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