Every Seed Matters

Gubba Seed Cold Storage

Commercial and Foundation Seed

“ Every Seed Matters “ at Gubba.

Gubba has been in the preservation of seed since  1998. Catering to the preservation needs of more than 200 seed companies in India and abroad, we have created world class seed cold storages. We preserve commercial and foundation seed. Foundation seed is stored by more than 100 seed companies.

Commercial Seed Storage Conditions

Temperature: 10 Deg C to 14 Deg C

RH: 40% to 50%

Foundation Seed StorageConditions

Temperature: 10 Deg C to 14 Deg C

RH: 35% to 45%

It is not just temperature and RH but a lot goes into the preservation of seeds.

Seed Preservation Methodology-

Customised cubicles:

Your product is safe within customized cubicles with a unique lock and key handled by the client.

Online inventory :

With a unique username and password provided to our clients, they can have an access to their inventory status in the cold room 24*7.

Stock Auditing :

A monthly auditing of the stock is done by a trained internal auditor to ensure proper accounting of the stock.

Temperature Mapping :

Temperature mapping is a procedure which ensures uniform temperature maintained at every nook and corner of the room.

Thermal Tracking:

Thermal tracking involves the use of a thermal camera which tracks  heat leakages if any, into the cold room and are arrested through various measures.

 Reports :

System generated customized reports to keep our clients updated about the stock movements, inventory status, optimum space utilization and audits, Temperature mapping , Thermal tracking.

 Real Time temperature and Humidity :

With a unique username and password , the client can login and know the realtime temperature and humidity in the chamber.

Android App :

An android app downloaded in you phone can give an access to the real time temperature and humidity in the chamber.

 Seed Moisture Check :

Moisture content in seed determines the life of seed. In the supply chain process keeping a check on the moisture content is very critical. We at Gubba will measure moisture content of seed and intimate the customer. Any spike here the customer can take immediate action.

Rodent management :

2% of the Seed gets wasted every year globally due to rodents. We have done an intense research on rodents behavior. Hired international agents to combat this issue. Got our internal rodent officer trained  by them and adopted effective rodent control measures.

Physical Inspection:

Physical inspection of the stock involves the physical check of the product and packaging and is decided whether to be preserved or not. This is important as the product being preserved in a cold storage should be free of infestation and packed properly.

Mean Kinetic Temperature :

MKT or Mean Kinetic Temperature gives a far better representation of the effects of temperature change on sensitive materials such as seeds during storage and distribution. In many instances it can be shown that the ‘shelf life’ of sensitive materials is directly related to the MKT. Mean Kinetic Temperature can be calculated from a series of temperatures. Below is the formula used to calculate MKT.



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