Yashoda Hospital becomes the first hospital to perform Robotic kidney transplantation in Telangana


Hyderabad-based Yashoda Hospital had achieved a unique distinction of performing first robotic kidney transplantation in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states. In fact, the super speciality hospital is the first hospital to have performed first three successful robotic kidney transplants in South India.

According hospital authorities, a team of doctors constituting Dr. Suri Babu(urologist) and Dr. Urmila Anandh -Dr.Suresh Babu both Nephrologists at Center for Nephrology & Urology in Yashoda Hospital, Secunderabad conducted first robotic kidney transplants along with two more transplantation since past 3 months and could achieve 100 per cent success as all the three patients has successfully recovered.  All the three robot-assisted kidney transplant surgeries were successful because a women donated kidneys to their son and husband.

Healthcare experts opined that kidney transplant surgeries necessitated the use of most advanced methods and equipment. Kidney transplantation is the standard of care for patients with the end-stage renal disease. While open surgery is being performed for over six decades. Robotic surgery has been recently introduced for the recipient undergoing kidney transplantation. 

First Robo assisted kidney surgery was done in France and at present in our country only in few centres like Delhi, Ahmedabad and Cochin it is being performed. Unlike regular surgeries for kidney transplantation where the patient receives the kidney through a larger muscle cutting process, Robotic surgery is conducted with only a small incision and involves no cutting of muscle. 

The Da Vinci robo system is used in a specific way to ensure vibration-free movement of the instrument thus causing no damage to the graft kidney. This ensures minimal chances of infection and faster recovery of the patient and the donor. “We at Yashoda Hospitals give highest priority to acquire latest, state of the art technology which can give faster, long lasting relief from their ailments. Our surgeon who were trained and worked with prestigious international & national medical centres are making best use of these facilities to give best of the best results to patients.” said Dr. G.S. Rao, Managing Director,  Yashoda Group of Hospitals.

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