Yashoda Hospital adopts normo-thermic liver perfusion tech to preserve donor liver while performing organ transplantation


Terming it as a leap forward in liver transplantation surgery, a team of medical experts at Yashoda Hospital in Hyderabad has adopted advanced normo-thermic liver perfusion technology to preserve liver while performing liver transplantation.

According to Dr G S Rao, managing director Yashoda Group of Hospitals, normothermic perfusion technology is truly a new leap in the advancement of organ transplantation and this technology is used by medical experts at Yashoda Hospital for the first time in Telangana state. “Yashoda hospital has been a pioneer in adopting new and advanced medical procedures. The recently launched normothermic liver perfusion technology is also one among such advanced technologies, where a machine maintains the liver at more or less physiological state, avoiding depletion of cellular energy and accumulation of waste during liver transplantation,” informed Dr G S Rao.

Using this technology one can preserve donor liver a little longer and it will be of a great help in reaching out the more and the needed surpassing the geographical distances. This new technology really helps in increasing the window of transplantation up to 24 hours from the current 4 to 8 hour period. And Yashoda has achieved the distinction of performing such an advanced technology for the first time in Telangana.

Dr Balachandran Menon, senior liver transplant surgeon, Yashoda Hospitals who led the surgical team said, “Presently cadaveric liver is accepted based on LFT, ultrasound and its preoperative appearance. Hence lot of livers get rejected or retrieval is not attempted. With this machine we can have a real time picture of the quality and function of donated liver, thus not only increasing the use of marginal livers but also improving the postoperative recovery rates.”

This liver surgical team, according to Dr Rao, has collective expertise of over 2,000 liver transplants in major hospitals around the world. The team is presently helping in conducting Transplants in Myanmar, Mongolia, Georgia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

Presently about 25,000-30,000 Liver transplants are required in India but the number of cadaveric transplants per year is hardly 250-300/year. There are at least a 20-30 per cent of donor rejection rates due to poor quality of liver, liver preservation and lack of timely access and logistic issues. Use of this technology can increase donor utilization rated by 30 observed the medical experts.

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