Big Four audit company confirms SkyCell’s outstanding quality performance



Quality is our most important key value at SkyCell: we put all our energy in shipping temperature-sensitive, life-saving pharmaceutical products in line with regulatory compliance with the goal of ZERO temperature deviation. We are proud that more and more clients assess SkyCell as the safest solution in the market.
However, this is not enough for us. We want to give all our clients the certainty, that their assessment is correct. Consequently, we have mandated one of the big four audit companies, to scrutinize and audit ALL SkyCell shipment results of the last 12 months.


“The confirmation by a top 4 audit company, that we had less than 0.1% temperature excursions, showcases the performance of our container solution – combining hardware, software and service. This result is staggering in view of the fact that the global market average in airfreight of temperature controlled shipments is between 4-12%. We are proud to increase the reliability of global pharma supply chains, reduce product loss and save CO2.”
Richard Ettl, CEO of SkyCell.

How does SkyCell ensure an unprecedented quality protection?
SkyCell’s reliability and safety is based on the innovative combination of three elements: hardware, software and services. To give you an idea what this means, we focus this newsletter to our hardware, the SkyCell container, and show you the magic behind our performance.


Easy handling
According to IATA’s Time & Temperature Task Force (TTTF) study, the majority of excursions are attributed to incorrect handling of containers around airports (ex. plugging in an electric plug, refilling Dry Ice, loading / unloading of container etc.).
With this challenge in mind, SkyCell created a failsafe container solution that doesn’t require any manual intervention. All parts are integrated and fixed. The container is delivered preconditioned and ready to use. All you have to do is: open, load, close and ship it. Sounds too good to be true? Take a look at our new container handling video.


Temperature barrier
SkyCell containers are designed to protect from extreme temperatures (70°C to -30°C), provide long independent runt time (160h), and most importantly recharge automatically when placed in a cold room or reefer truck. This “hybrid” solution enables pharma companies to deliver door to door to the most challenging destinations, while the container remains closed at all times.
This market leading performance has lead to an average use by and for pharma clients of 9.5 days (counting from the moment cargo is placed inside until emptied), but uses beyond 20 days are no exception.


Most patented pharma container
Almost 100 patents and more than 50 man-years of research and development were poured into creating the unprecedented, highly efficient SkyCell containers. One key element is its cutting-edge insulation technology, that reflects 96% of heat radiation (e.g. the sun) while minimizing heat conduction.

How can you benefit from SkyCell containers?
Our objective is to provide you with the appropriate container solution to improve your pharma supply chain and eliminate temperature excursions in every given lane. Consequently, SkyCell enables you to prevent product loss, root cause analysis and costly lab tests.
Why don’t you tell us your pain points? Let us help you to create the safest cold chain for your pharmaceuticals.

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