Prasuma Meats & Delicatessen unveils bacon jam in smoked, spicy variants


Prasuma, India’s leading brand of meat and delicatessen products, has launched bacon jam in two variants (smoked and spicy bacon jam) and smoked chicken jam, which are sweet, semi-sour and savoury concoctions. Made from 100 per cent bacon and smoked chicken, they can either be used as smoky and sticky relish on such foods as burgers, sandwiches, pastas, parathas and pizzas or eaten with a spoon.

Available at Rs 350 a bottle, they are available in leading modern retail outlets in metropolitan cities, such as Food Hall and Godrej Nature’s Basket. The products can also be delivered to the consumers’ doorsteps in Mumbai, Delhi and Gurgaon through Meatigo, Prasuma’s online delivery partner.

Prasuma, owned by the Suwal family, is known for introducing the fresh and chilled deli meat segment in India and boasts over 200 stock-keeping units (SKUs), including bacon, sausages, cold cuts and gourmet meat in modern retail outlets across India.

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