Moment of the week- NFN launches GiftMilk programme for govt school girls in Noida & Delhi

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The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) Foundation for Nutrition (NFN) launched the GiftMilk programme in six government-run girls’ schools – three each in Noida and Delhi – recently.

The schools in the Uttar Pradesh city that have been covered under the initiative are located in Sectors 44 and 51 and Sadarpur.

The schools in the capital are located in the neighbourhood of Chittaranjan Park (popularly known as C R Park) and Madipur.

Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable Pvt Ltd (MDFVPL) will be the donor and the implementing agency for it. 

Dilip Rath, chairman, NDDB, and Sanjeev Khanna, managing director, MDFVPL, distributed milk packs among girl students of Government Balika Inter College in Sector 51, Noida. 

The NDDB chief stated that children were the foundation for a strong, vibrant and dynamic India.
“The lack of adequate nutrition creates long-lasting, often permanent, physiological changes in children. Hence, meeting their nutritional needs in their formative years becomes very important,” he added. 

As per the National Health Survey, 2015-16, about 36 per cent of our children are undernourished. Malnutrition can be addressed through milk, as it is a wholesome food,” Rath stated. 

“NFN, along with its subsidiaries, has embarked on a noble mission of providing milk and milk products to government school children through a network of milk producer organisations to address malnutrition,” he added. 

Rath informed, “Presently, NFN is offering GiftMilk to about 3,500 students covering seven schools in Gujarat, Telangana and Delhi.” 

“So far, NFN has distributed about six lakh units of milk among children in government schools,” he added. 

“Now, it will add six government-run girls’ schools, with a strength of about 6,000 students in Noida and Delhi under the GiftMilk programme,” Rath said. 

“Mother Dairy will providing 200ml packs of flavoured milk to the students on all working days,” he added.

To meet its vision of reaching out to as many children as possible, NFN has geared up to spread its operations in different states. 

It has started approaching public sector undertakings (PSUs) for funding the programme under their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

NFN is earnestly working towards forging partnerships with the milk unions and state governments. 

It has been registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act 1860, and as a Trust under the Bombay Public Charitable Trust, as applicable to the state of Gujarat on October 9, 2015.

Donations made to the NFN Trust/Society shall qualify under Section 80G (5) of the Income-tax (IT) Act, 1961. 

Source : fnbn 

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