Goa beats national average in dairy sector by 4%


With an increasing number of farmers opting for dairy farming and contributing to the state’s dairy sector, Goa’s is 4% above the national average, according to the the state department of animal husbandry and veterinary services (AHVS).

Quoting a survey by the national sample survey office (NSSO), the department said national contribution by farmers to the dairy sector is 12% while that of Goa is 16%. They attributed this to the widespread awareness about schemes which many farmers are availing of in Goa.

”Goa’s production is 4% above the national average. This is a result of all our farmer-friendly schemes. Ever since they’ve been launched and availed by farmers, their income as well as the milk production have significantly increased,” said director, AHVS, Dr Santosh Desai.

He said that three main schemes linked with dairy farming in Goa— ‘Khamdenu’, ‘Pashupalan’ and ‘incentive to milk producers scheme’ —are popular.

Reports state that the ‘Kamdhenu’ scheme has been availed of by 2,915 farmers since its launch in 2012 and over 9,000 animals have been purchased. The department also said that milk production has increased from 35,000 litres per day to 65,000 litres per day since then.

With the ‘Pashupalan’ scheme, more than 3,000 calves have been purchased by over 1,000 farmers since the scheme was launched two years ago. Many of these calves have grown up to become milking cows. This also makes the farmers eligible for the milk incentive scheme as well. Four famers have benefitted from over Rs 1 lakh and there are over 200 famers who are benefitting anywhere between Rs 25,000 and Rs 1 lakh.

Madhav Sahakari, the chairman of Goa state milk producers’ union said, “Goa has a lot more schemes and incentives for dairy farming compared to other parts of India. Right from purchase of cattle, to cultivating fodder to cattle rearing, everything is taken care of. We have seen our milk yield going up to 60,000 litres and sometimes even 70,000 litres per day from these incentives.”

Source : The Times of India


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