FSSAI moots extension of ban on milk imports from China


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has recommended extending the ban on import of milk and milk products from China for another year up to June 23, 2018. This recommendation includes products which contain milk and milk solids as ingredients such as chocolates and confectionery products. “Ban on import of milk and milk products including chocolates and chocolate products and candies/ confectionery/food preparations with milk and milk solids as ingredients from China may be extended for a period of one year up to June 31, 2018, or until their safety is established on the basis of credible reports and supporting data, whichever is earlier,” an advisory from FSSAI stated. The food regulator made this recommendation after a review of the ban was conducted in consultation with other ministries and government departments on June 12. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade had first imposed this ban for three months in September 2008. It was further extended for another six months up to June 23, 2009, and included ban on import of chocolates and chocolate products and candies, confectioneries and food preparation which contains milk and milk solids as an ingredient. Since then, the ban has been extended several times, with the last being up to June 23, 2017. Since 2008, there have been global concerns regarding the safety of Chinese milk after presence of toxic industrial chemical- melamine which is used to make plastics and fertilisers.

Source: Business Line

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