FIAPO, Cocoberry collaborate to introduce vegan yoghurt in Delhi & NCR



This Christmas, The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) and Cocoberry are joining hands to launch a vegan yoghurt at the latter’s outlets in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR).

The association is a part of FIAPO’s Corporate Outreach campaign, where businesses that produce consumables by using animal products are encouraged to use cruelty-free ingredients.

FIAPO reached out to Cocoberry to understand how it makes their world-famous yoghurt and help the organisation move towards using animal-friendly ingredients.

The idea is to steer a shift in Indian consumption patterns by using cruelty-free ingredients in commercial yoghurt. 

FIAPO seeks to work closely with Cocoberry to increase vegan options on its menu. Shivangi, head, Corporate Outreach campaign, FIAPO, said, “We need to eradicate the myth of milk is good, and while I do understand that we have a mountain to move, I earnestly believe that change only requires courage to take the first step and to be the first one to make that shift!”

“I am glad that Cocoberry took the initiative to make the first move towards making this world a better place for both us and animals,” she added.

Celebrating the partnership, Aniket Walia, chief executive officer, Cocoberry, said, “If the way I choose to run my business can contribute to end farm animal suffering, then that is the path I would want to follow.”

“I will provide a nutritional dessert which helps in digestion and strengthens the immune system, gives a flavour that is irreplaceable and, at the same time, is not made out of dairy and does not contain ingredients that hurt animals in any way,” he added.

About 27 per cent of the population in India is vegetarian, but many people are now moving towards veganism and are eagerly looking for readily available dairy-free options.

FIAPO recently conducted a survey in Delhi and the NCR to know the food preference of Indian population between the age group of 15 to 50 years.

The statistics suggested that a majority of the population was concerned about and paid ample attention to the ingredients of consumable products.

In addition to this, the greater part of our society is moving towards dairy-free, organic and healthier options.

People do not want to consume milk that is full of chemicals and has been derived out by torturing animals.

The survey also highlighted that contemporary audience was aware of and cared about the source of food.

The findings of this study provide enough reasons helping the food and beverage industry in shifting to cruelty-free ingredients, and thus helping reduce the number of animals bred and abused for food products.

FIAPO is awaiting a positive response from brands like Starbucks, Natural’s Ice Cream, Baskin Robbins and Café Coffee  Day, to make life healthier for us and pain-free for our fellow inhabitants.


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