Vijay Govindrao Kashikar is associated with Ankur Seeds since its inception and have more than three decades of experience in the field of seed and agriculture industry as
Director and head of Production, Processing & quality control departments of the company, Also working as  Chairman of Govind Galaxy Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur from last five years. He dons various caps of service like Member of Maharashtra State Seed Sub-Committee,Public Relation Officer Vishwa Hindu Parishad for Maharashtra Region being few….

What are your Company’s future plans ?

The company has achieved a goal in producing high yielding & Quality seed. Now we have decided to develop new varieties which will sustain in drought condition also.The future projects include incorporation of drought tolerance traits, improvising the quality of vegetable crops.We are working on abiotic stress with the use of several technologies for the discovery of stress tolerance genes & transgenic approach to improving stress tolerance in crop.

Abiotic stress is the negative impact of non-living factor on living organisms. The most basic sensors are extreme temperature, drought, flood & high wind.

Transgenic research – Bt. Brinjal , Bt. Tomato (final stage of trial)

Drought Tolerance: – Cotton

We are also focusing on marker assisted breeding to improve plant varieties, disease resistance, yield or quality traits. Easy detectable DNA marker can now be used in plant breeding. SNP is one of the marker. Single Nucleotide exchange in genomes are numerous. Therefore SNP marker provide a great marker density.

 What are your new products?

Hy. Paddy 7042, & Hy. Cotton 3044, Hy. Cotton 3028 BG-II, Hy. Cotton Jai BG-II


How has this season been for your company?

There are many hurdles like less seed production, Competitive rates, Shortage of the man power in agriculture field etc.

Do you recommend any policy changes from the Government?

Subsidy on field crops (Soyabean & Wheat Certified Seed)

Is power crisis impacting the seed industry?

Yes , the power crisis affecting domestic, agriculture & industrial sector badly.It affects Procurement rates. (Increases) ultimately seed prices at higher level.

It is said that India will becomes hub for seed production of the world.?


What do you see the potential for paddy seed and maize in Indian seed industry? Good potential in paddy than maize.