Seed Cold Storage

Every Seed matters

Every Seed is ‘Life’. Gubba has innovated on one of it’s kind Humidity controlled Global Standard Seed Cold Storage...


Germplasm bank

Life Preserved for a lifetime

Gubba’s germplasm bank is an outcome of 6 years of intense research. Gubba, along with the technological support...


Frozen Cold Storage

Minus 20 Degree Celsius

Enviro Controlled -20 Cold Storage: The Technological Edge .Gubba has robust refrigeration equipment...


Chilled Cold Storage

Preserving Freshness

We at Gubba give tailor made solutions to the customer’s requirements. Every product has different characteristics...


Cold Infra Solutions

28 Years of Experience

Gubba cold Infra Consulting is a wing of Gubba Cold Storage providing Cold Storage consulting services...


Pharma Cold Storage

Precision in Preservation

Life of a life saving vaccine can go dead with improper preservation. We @ Gubba understand the vitality of pharma preservation...


About Us

Gubba Group has been established in 1879-135 years ago. It was a trading company then dealing in agricultural commodities. This paved the way to set up  A.P’s 1st cold storage in 1987. Today, Gubba Cold Storage is a 11.8 million cubic feet company , known for its passion for Preservation. With 30 years of expertise and experience Gubba has been learning the art of preservation through technology and innovations.

Gubba has innovated and engineered the 1st of its kind rack supported cold storage in India. It is handled by state- of- the art material handling equipment’s, preserves seed in 1.2 ton jumbo bags.

Gubba's Value System

Gubba has a heritage value system of
137 years passed on from their forefathers.

from 1879 to 2016

Gubba Buchiah

Gubba Venkatesham

Gubba Kashinatham

Gubba Nagender Rao

Gubba Kiran & Gubba Prashanth

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Management Team

Gubba Cold Storages are managed Gubba Nagender Rao, Managing Director, Gubba Kiran, CEO and Gubba Prashant, Innovations & Technical Head of the company.

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Who we are
A futuristic company with innovation in technology, processes, storage systems, to preserve and conserve the seed in the most scientific, safest and secured way through research & 30 years of experience & expertise.

Who we shall be
Gubba  shall be a global player with eco friendly technologies to store every perishable providing end to end solutions.

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News & Articles

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News @ Gubba – Accident aversion training @ Gubba

  80 out of every 100 accidents are the fault of the person involved in the incident. Unsafe Acts cause four times as many accidents & injuries as unsafe conditions. A safety training for team Gubba at all cold storage locations has been conducted by our safety office to address…


Gubba in Media

News @ Gubba – Gubba wins “Smart cold storage” award @ Maritime Gateway Awards & Summit.

  [video width="656" height="480" mp4=""][/video] Click on ' read more'  link below to view award presentation telecasted in TV5 News Channel.…



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